Fishing in Mallorca

To touch base in Mallorca, you can pass via plane and land at the airplane terminal of Palma de Mallorca which is 8km east of Palma, the capital of Mallorca. Once on the island, you can utilize the very much associated rail, metro or transport administrations.


Spring: Fishing in Mallorca in late May, is portrayed by species, for example, bluefin fish, white fish (tuna), swordfish, short bill speerfish and dorado (dolphinfish). Red fish go through the channel of Ibiza, winding their way over the Inlet of Valencia to the Delta del Ebro to produce in the Balearic Islands, the Bay of Leon and different territories. These are huge examples, for example, tuna of 10kg-20kg and 15kg–50kg fishes. It is typically best to fish them with the trolling procedure. Some of the time you can likewise get some short bill speerfish, however this is incidental.

Summer: In June, shores of fish move in spots called the “S” and “Tower”, situated in southern the island of Mallorca. In June and July, the tuna move to “Ses Mamelles”. In Mallorca in summer, you can angle primarily by chumming and the best regions are amongst Majorca and Ibiza, north of Cabo Formenter furthermore a zone situated toward the east of Porto Colom and Porto Cristo.

Harvest time: Angling in Mallorca when pre-winter comes is likewise drilled by turning and light trolling so as to catch the little fish and dolphinfish (1-10kg). September and October are likewise useful for angling dolphinfish (dorado). To Angle by trolling is important to move far from the drift. The little bluefin fish from 1-2kg is frequently found right now of year, however you should discharge them subsequent to getting, as they are an ensured animal groups

Winter: Angling in Mallorca amid the winter months, as consistently whish is like fishing in Barcelona, should be possible with big game angling. Utilizing this angling method, we will locate a wide assortment of animal varieties, for example, “Caproig” dark spot ocean bream, conger eel and forkbeard among others. You can likewise hone squid angling.

All year:: Angling in charters fishing in Mallorca is fruitful consistently. You can angle by jigging (dentex, golden jack, mero), however you should contribute numerous hours. You can likewise hone big game angling. Base angling is done utilizing snares like worms, squid, cuttlefish and sardine. Dark spot ocean bream, forkbeard, white ocean bream, “caproig”, mackerel, grouper and conger can be angled.

In Alcudia, you can angle bluefin fish all year. A couple of miles from the coastline is the “melody”, where the sea depths falls 1000m. Fish and swordfish for all time live around there and bolster predominantly on mackerel. Here of Mallorca tempests are extremely normal, in spite of the fact that on quiet days, you can appreciate valid scenes of the waters of Alcudia.


Caproig (scorpionfish): They eat little fish and scavangers and shed their skins at regular intervals. It’s a wonderful fish very fancied by anglers of the Balearic Islands and when charter fishing in Barcelona, and they can be profound angled in Mallorca amid the vast majority of the year with worms, sardines or squids.

Dolphinfish: The grown-up male and female dolphinfish can be differentiated by their distinctive fronts. The male one is more keen while the female is more adjusted. The greatest months for angling them in Mallorca are September and October. This is an insatiable animal varieties, found for the most part by trolling with little draws and plumes. They are great warriors who can hop amid battle.

Bluefin Fish: Mallorca and Balearic Islands are a standout amongst the most critical bringing forth grounds of this “lord of the oceans.” Despite the fact that the best time to catch fish is the late spring when the waters are warm, bluefin fish can be gotten during the time in the waters of Alcudia. Fish does not typically chase in surface water as it sustains on mackerel at huge profundities beneath 10m. Because of this, there are very few fanatics of angling fish in Mallorca, who work on turning to catch them.

Tuna: The Tuna frequently lives in remote ocean. Tuna is a profitable nourishment and is additionally valued by game anglers. Amongst May and August, you can angle them in Mallorca by trolling.

Swordfish: The swordfish is a transitory predator that is described by its long, level pinnacle (like a sword). At the grown-up stage, they lose every one of their teeth and scales. The winter months are the best time to catch swordfish, in spite of the fact that it is an unprecedented fish and angling it is difficult.

рыбалка в Испании

рыбалка в Испании«Ловись рыбка – большая и маленькая…»

Коста Дорада и, в частности, залив Сан Джорди между мысом Салоу и дельтой реки Эбро считается одним из самых лучших мест для рыбной ловли на всем Средиземноморском побережье.
В последние годы большой популярностью стали пользоваться услуги местных компаний, предлагающих заядлым рыбакам или просто туристам, решившим попытать свое счастье с удочкой, короткие вылазки в море. Рыбу здесь можно ловить как недалеко от берега в живописных бухтах, до которых проблематично добраться с суши, так и выехать в открытое море на 20 – 40 миль от берега. Каждый из вариантов предполагает тот или иной способ ловли, где и начинается работа специалистов.

Ловля на тунца возможна начиная с апреля, когда тунец проходит через Гибралтарский пролив для нереста в Средиземном море. Средняя глубина здешних вод составляет 800-1000 метров. Чистейшая вода и перепады температуры привлекают множество мелкой рыбешки, служащей наживкой для таких хищников, как рыба-меч, голубой и желтоперый тунец. Эти виды хорошо ловятся на блесну.
В первые месяцы весны попадаются на крючок рыбки от 10 до 30 кг, в летние же месяцы картина меняется, и можно поймать тунца весом 200, 300 и даже 400 килограмм.
Для тех, кому идея удаления от берега не совсем по душе, есть возможность заняться ловлей в непосредственной близости от берега – на блесну или искусственную приманку в виде более мелкой рыбы, такой как: скумбрия, макрель, ставрида, малый тунец (бонито), морская щука (барракуда), голубая рыба и желтохвост.
Крупную рыбу тоже можно ловить недалеко от берега. В этом случае на катере выключается мотор, и шкипер потихоньку начинает выкидывать за борт мелкую рыбешку в качестве приманки. Остается сидеть и ждать, пока приплывут такие красавцы, как голубые тунцы. Иногда результат бывают очень впечатляющими.

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Let’s go Fishing in Cambrils!

Want to go fishing in Cambrils? Without any doubt, the Golfo de Sant Jordi – the gulf between the Cape of Salou and the Ebro Delta – is one of the best fishing areas in the Spanish Mediterranean. You can go inshore trolling in the natural reserve of the Ebro Delta, you can discover the hidden bays and white beaches with your private luxury yacht or maybe you want to go tuna fishing… We organize unforgettable half day and full day fishing tours from Cambrils. Book a boat with your family and friends and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea from the other side!

Where are we?

We are based in the small village of Cambrils situated in Southern Catalonia, Spain. This village has a long marine history with a relaxed Mediterranean ambiance, where every angler will feel at home. Cambrils is one of the few coastal towns that have succeeded in maintaining its pueblo charm and character. Notwithstanding, all the tourist facilities are here, including hotels, restaurants, leisure and cultural activities and shops.

Big Game Off Shore Fishing

April marks the start of tuna fishing off the coast of Costa Dorada. Tuna pass the Strait of Gibraltar to spawn in the Mediterranean Sea. We fish off shore, about 20 to 40 miles from the marina of Cambrils. These areas have a depth of 800 to 1000 meters with interesting undersea structures, weed lines, clean water and temperature breaks that attract plenty of baitfish. These waters provide plenty of predators like bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, etc

During the early months there’s trolling for smaller tuna (about 10 – 30 kg) but towards the summer months the bigger fish start to bite. This is when the huge bluefin tuna of 200kg, 300kg and even 400kg can be landed.

Inshore Trolling

For those who don’t want to go too far away from the coast, there’s inshore trolling. Generally spoken we troll with small lures to catch mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, barracuda and others. With bigger artificial bait and with life bait (squid, octopus or small barracuda) we chase palometon, bluefish and amberjack. Good months are July, august and September.


Chumming or chunking is a fishing technique that works very well during the summer months. We let the boat drift and we attract the game fish (especially tuna) by constantly baiting with sardines, mackerel and other small baitfish. This technique is very successful to catch giant bluefin tuna. In our area we catch them at a few miles from Cambrils. You don’t have to go that far away to catch the bluefin tuna of your dreams!

The boats

1) Tiara 3500 – 11m, 2 x 350 HP, max. 8 persons – from 720 Euros
The price includes the captain, diesel, fishing tackle, bait and lures, insurance, licenses, tax
David Bono is the skipper of this great boat. He has a vast experience in these type of boats and, for example, classified second in the Catalonian Fishing Contest in 2008.

2) Altair 850 – 8,5m, 200 HP, max. 4 persons – from 335 Euros
The price includes the captain, diesel, fishing tackle, bait and lures, insurance, licenses, tax
Miguel Sánchez, is the captain of the Altair 8,5m and fishing guide of both boats. He’s an absolute fishing expert and knows all the tricks, hidden spots, etc. He won the Catalonian Championship Inshore Trolling, the Guasch Fishing Contest (twice) and the Catalonian Sea Fishing Contest.

Both participated, as guide and skipper from the “Il•lusió” in the “World Big Game Trolling Championship Clubs” of Javea in 2008. They were in charge of two French teams and an Italian team.

Nobody can guarantee the catches, but with these two guys you will have the best chances to enjoy a perfect day fishing with many catches…

Angeln auf den Kanarischen Inseln

Wir schenken der Tatsache, dass wir in Europa einen der besten Angelplätze der Welt haben zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit.  Und zwar die Kanarischen Inseln. Die fünf Flugstunden entfernte Inselgruppe bietet durch ihre subtropischen Meere viele Möglichkeiten zum angeln. Angler  aus aller Welt werden von der Möglichkeit an diesen schönen Inseln Spinning,jigging und Hochseeangeln zu können angelockt.

Jetzt ein Boot auf den Kanarischen Inseln buchen.

Da die Kanarischen Inseln an Meeresböden liegen, die eine Tiefe von bis zu 3000 Metern  erreichen, sind die Gewässer um die Inseln voll von Strömungen aus dem atlantischen Ozean. Vor der Küste sind viele Tiefseeberge, welche tausend Meter  über dem Meeresboden bis zu kurz vor der Wasseroberfläche reichen. Die Ernährungskette im Meer geht  aus der Vielfalt und Menge der Standfische, Zugfische, Haie und Wale heraus. more

Hochseeangeln auf Mallorca

Mallorca sowie die anderen Inseln der Balearen sind reich an Flora und Fauna. Die steinigen Meeresböden sind besonders interessant fürs Angeln. Eines der besten Beispiele ist die Inselgruppe von Cabrera, die als Nationalpark  eine Menge Natur zu bieten hat. Mit der Zeit blieb die Natur unberührt und bis zu dem heutigen Tag haben die Küsten und Meeresböden sich nicht verändert. In den steinigen Gründen leben Zackenbarsche, Skorpionfische, Roterskorpionfische, Meeraale und Muränen. Unter anderem auch ähnliche Arten wie  Seebarsche, Doraden und Zahnbrassen. An der Südostküste von Mallorca kann man nach 6 Meilen, also ungefähr 20 Minuten Fahrt, schon  hochseeangeln.   Jetzt ein Boot buchen auf Mallorca. more